Be the best and be ready for Chicken Dinners!!

All cheats run on a 2nd computer or laptop
be 100% safe!

Our PUBG cheats are cheats that allows players to see the positions of all other players, loot, vehicles, circles and many more, giving them an instant advantage.
The circles are shrinking but you’re in control and see everything! 

Dont be surprised but surprise the enemy with your skills!
Using a PUBG cheats reveals all other players and information, and gives an easy way to win the match and get Chicken Dinners! 


No VPN or port mirror method needed!
Only thing you need is a DMA hardware device to start winning!



Cannot be detected because its running on another pc.
Remember to play smart!



When payment completes you get the key for the cheat instantly in your mailbox


Working and Undetected since 2020!

See here our list with options that you get when using our PUBG cheats!!

[] ESP Features

[+] Box ESP
[+] Bones ESP
[+] Visibility check
[+] Health bars
[+] Distance
[+] Set render distance
[+] Set colours
[+] Throwables ESP
[+] Minimap Radar
[+] Loot ESP
[+] Lootcrate ESP
[+] Vehicles

[⭐️] AIMBOT Features

[+] Enable / Disable
[+] Head / Neck / Chest
[+] Set aimbot settings weapon group
[+] Multiple aimkeys
[+] Bullet calculation
[+] FOV
[+] Distance
[+] AimSpeed XY
[+] AimSmooth
[+] Recoil control
[+] Lock knocked players
[+] Black / Whitelist

[⭐️] RADAR Features

[+] Shows all players
[+] Shows team numbers
[+] Shows healthbars
[+] Show distance
[+] Show height
[+] Shows KD ratio
[+] Shows bots (light blue)
[+] Shows PUBG partners (Pink)
[+] Shows knocked players (Grey)
[+] Shows death players
[+] Shows loot (with 4 custom groups)
[+] Hotkeys for loot (numpad 0,1,2,3,4)
[+] Press +/- for map zoom
[+] Spectator count
[+] Automatic map selection
[+] Custom loot item names
[+] Custom vehicles names
[+] Shows care packages
[+] Shows vehicles
[+] Shows airplanes
[+] Shows grenades on radar
[+] Own aimline for easily locate players
[+] Shows enemy aiming lines
[+] Shows blue and white circles
[+] Shows red zones
[+] Select own Colour
[+] Select team Colour
[+] Select enemy Colour

What do our clients say about the PUBG cheats?

no #1, best dar!
Updates are done within a few hours!!

Just played my first match. Easy chicken dinner, this ESP runs very smooth. So much better/reliable than the never updated DC dar

Started using the ESP a few days ago, extremely good experience so far and very good help and advices. Very friendly seller and community as well

Just using simple radar no ESP/AIM. Developers have made a well put together, dumby proof radar. Worth your money, you WILL get chicken dinners.