What is DMA?

In this article, we’ll look at DMA hardware cheats,understand how exactly do they work and why they are pretty much impossible to detect.

First and major difference between DMA cheats and classic external/internal solutions is that DMA cheat runs on the second computer leaving the game PC absolutely untouched.

Anti-cheat cannot in anyway detect the process of the cheat, because it runs on another computer out of sight of the anticheat.

Why is this so important?
Running cheat outside of AC system guarantees 100% safety and 0 possible vectors for detection, because anti-cheat doesn’t have any possible ways find a third-party file that reads the memory of the game.

Now that we have a basic idea of how DMA cheats work, let’s figure out how the second pc gets information about the opponents from the game computer’s memory.

To interact with PUBG memory we are using special device (DMA board), which is inserted into the motherboard, providing safe reading of memory at the hardware level.

What does this allow us to do?
The anti-cheat cannot understand that we are reading memory from the game and some device has access to PUBG, which allows us to “spy” on it while being completely out of sight. Using DMA is perfectly safe because we are sending all the data to the second PC where all received information is processed.

Perhaps the most attentive readers may have wondered: Surely the anti-cheat can see all devices connected to the computer,why can’t it detect a third-party board?

The answer is yes and no.

The anti-cheat can indeed see all connected devices and it can see our board that is connected to the computer. And this is where things get really interesting.

We can mimic any “real” device, such as a WiFi card, a printer or a mouse by flashing our DMA card with custom firmware.

The spy device will pretend to be a real legit device and it is extremely difficult for the anti-cheat to determine which of all devices connected to a PC is real and which of them is a our Trojan horse.

That’s why you must have custom and unique firmware!
Unique means you’re the only using the firmware. When you order shared firmware it means your firmware is shared with x amount of customers. When one customer decide to sell his DMA device and PUBG or anti-cheat gets their hands on the DMA they can / wil ban the firmware and this means all customers with the shared firmware wil be permantly banned.

To sum up, hardware DMA cheats are extremely hard to detect and they will fully undetectable as long as DMA device is properly spoofed!

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